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Welcome to my new website!

Front-page design of the portrait gallery page.

Hi there! There are a lot of things that I hardly thought I would be doing one day. From receiving that small digicam as a gift from my aunt and uncle to buying my first DSLR to receiving that first cheque to take photos and short films! I always knew I needed a website to showcase my work the way I always wanted to, but never ever thought I would host a blog on the site and write in my broken English! I feel that finally, my work has found a home that I always wished it deserved. :) It has been one hell of a ride building up the site almost from the scratch.

After a lot of online research, I finally decided to go with Wix as my hosting platform, though it was a close second choice after Format. The fact that Wix has a loooot cheaper plans especially in India than Format just skewed the slider on Wix's side. Though Wordpress is a great option for hosting I refrained from it as I prefer a platform that will not be as technical and comparatively easy to manage.

As can be seen in the Before/After screenshot it took almost horrendous time and effort to design every minor bit the way I wanted, and I still find it unbelievable to see it working out without me knowing an iota of coding! My mind is still playing seesaw about hosting a blog on Wix though. My preferred choice is still a Medium blog; where I have tried to write a couple of posts over time.

The most important page for me though on the site is Be My Subject. The tricky thing about being a people photographer is having a constant influx of interesting people to experiment with & work with. A lot of ideas keep crossing my mind for photo and video shoots, but to find the right person at right time at the right place is like the light at a golden hour where everything you click looks just out of the world! A place where we can have a trusted platform on the site where we get all the information needed is much better than those Insta dm's, where we go constant back and forth often losing the track on both sides. On the website, it's much better as anyone can take a peek into my work and also put in their most relevant info so we can immediately get to work!

I plan to share a lot of exciting things on this blog, from Behind the scenes of my projects to sharing images from new shoots to writing about my outlook and learnings in photo and film worlds. I would love to hear your feedback on any of my social media handles. And last but not least, it is my promise to you that the upcoming posts will have a lot more photos and videos than the endless reading. ;)



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